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Excellent Service for all the Customers Excellent Service for all the Customers
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Excellent Service for all the Customers

Lince Display Limited a family run bussiness, whom has over 15 years of experience in shop fittings and retail display.are suppliers of high quality retail shop fittings and shop displays. Our retail systems fulfil high end specification requirements and enable individual shop fitting needs to be met. Lince Display Starting with 1000 square feet warehouse gradually growing, achieved by sourcing goods from all over the world wide. Excellent customer service now we are operating from 10,000 square feet of showroom & warehouse space. Lince Display Limited is one of the UK's leading retail display & shop fittings solutions. With a vast range of Shelf products, retail display and tailored Custom Solutions, Lince Display Limited provides a diverse range of customers with Quality, Practical Solutions. In the last decade. We manufacture 60% of the 10,000+ products, we offer, with 40% sourced very selectively from domestic and overseas suppliers who have surpassed our rigorous quality expectations. We hand-pick these sourced vendors, determine their value products, and establish relationships with their manufacturing factories abroad. Whether manufactured here by Lince Display Limited or inventoried from a preferred supplier, you can be sure we are closely monitoring all quality and packaging standards. With a true customer service focus and decades of experience, whether your needs are large or small, Lince Display Limited is the one-stop-shop for all your Shop Fittings, Shelving and Display solutions.

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